November 28, 2023

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Don’t Pay For an Expensive Lacrosse Backstop, Make Your Own For Less!

Having a lacrosse backstop is vital these days if you don’t fancy paying 300 bucks a pop for a broken window. Your child may be just getting into the sport which involves whipping a solid ball of rubber at a net. The fastest shot ever recorded was 111 mph by Paul Rabil at the MLL All-Star competition. But kids as early has 7 years old can shoot the ball 45 mph which is enough to kill.

Installing a backup netting behind the goal does not have to be some huge undertaking or cost you more than a broken window would. I’ve seen lacrosse backstops at stores sell for 500 dollars and as much as 2000 dollars. With those prices I would rather take my chances in hopes that I don’t break a window. If I did it would still be saving money compared to buying one of those high priced nylon and aluminum sets.

Luckily I assembled my own net that cost me less than $ 80. I attached a sporting net I bought at to a 16 gauge wire and attached it to my house. I then screwed a 2 X 4 into a play-set and wrapped the wire around it. And amazingly I have a low cost Lacrosse Backstop! I’ve been using mine for 5 years now. I can shoot around the mid 80’s and the net has not ripped. And the way I attached the net prevents me from having to store it for the winter or move some huge product just to mow the lawn.

So there ya go, there is NO need to waste money on a expensive product but inside construct your own for a fraction of the price.

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