November 29, 2023

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All Time Brazilian National Football Team


Gilmar & Taffarel are the choices for the goalkeeping position. I would pick Gilmar out of the two simply because he was a part of the 1958 Brazilian team.


Brazil has boasted of many great fullbacks, but not too many great centre backs. Djalma Santos & Nilton Santos would start as the two fullbacks. Other contenders are Carlos Alberto Torres, Cafu & Roberto Carlos, but the defending abilities of the Santos’ clinch it for them. The centre-back would be Domingos Da Guia.


My team would play with a double pivot in midfield, Didi & Falcao would start as the two. Didi was the originator of the banana free-kick & a member of the world cup winning team. Falcao was part of the outstanding 1982 WC team & was probably one of the greatest players in the world in his prime.

Garrincha & Rivellino would play in the right & left wings respectively. Garrincha was the greatest right winger of all time & Rivellino, although not a pure winger, could play in the left flank & was known for his cannonball shots.

Zico would play as the central attacking midfielder cum playmaker & he is probably the 2nd or 3rd greatest footballer Brazil has produced.


Pele & Ronaldo pick themselves as the two strikers. None of them need any introduction – still, Pele averaged 0.83 goal per match for his national team & Ronaldo is the greatest footballer of his generation.

So, the team stands:


D. Santos—————–Domingos Da Guia——————–N. Santos




Didi would give cover to the overlapping Fullbacks & Falcao would distribute from the deep. Rivellino would play as a link-up man allowing Zico to be fully on attack providing Pele & Ronaldo. This team would probably score an average of 3-4 goals per game.


1. Taffarel
2. Carlos Alberto
3. Socrates
4. Tostao
5. Romario

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